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foot and ankle products: Preventive, Postoperative, Diabetes, Off-loading, Wound Care, etc.
History: Over 30 years ago... The story of DARCO's link to Podiatry.
DARCO India Pvt. Ltd.: We'll help you get your patient's foot into the right shoe...
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Orthopaedic devices and shoes

September 2017

Welcome to the 17th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

The destination is one thing.
Getting there is everything.

Dear Reader,

The 17th issue of our India Newsletter is timed perfectly this quarter to recognize our anniversary and the independence of a country. Many months have passed since the "ribbon ceremony" at our India headquarters in Dharwad, but our goal has remained the same - to serve the people of India. DARCO India is proud to bring the message home through our distributors, our website, the newsletter, and most importantly, through the spoken word. Since our inception we have attended many trade shows and participated in many events. At the end of the day, it's communication which brings us closer to our customers and to the people whom, through our products, can realize an improvement in the quality of their lives.


It's the spread of information and knowledge that make the difference to a community. Our distribution network in India is growing and our activities on the international stage contribute to that growth. We face people from all over the world at trade shows like Africa Health or Arab Health. Through these events, we know there is a demand for DARCO products among foot care specialists everywhere and especially in India. We know the needs are great and reaching the people has been our greatest challenge in the undertaking. We remain dedicated to the people of India and look forward to the years to come.

Please accept our gracious thanks for your interest and support in this quarterly publication and in DARCO India. What's in store for you this time? An oldie, but goody! Learn more about the DARCO HeelWedge™ off-loading shoe.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd. celebrates its 5th anniversary!

DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd. celebrates its 5th anniversary!

Five years ago we started the DARCO Medical India operations and although still in its infancy, the undertaking has been challenging but also successful.

DARCO International, now in its 30 years of operations has become one of the world's leading providers of orthopedic foot and ankle products. The European operations have now been running strong for over 20 years and are very instrumental in the event planning for the Indian subsidiary.

We are all celebrating with DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd. for their successes this month and we're well aware that the international exchange fortifies our worldwide vision as well as elevating the product quality and the standards of service.

We wish to say thank you - Thank you, to all of our esteemed customers whom over the years have trusted in our vision and in our products!

Download Flyer (PDF): "Your partner for foot care celebrates its 5th anniversary!"

Orthopaedic devices and shoes

June 2017

Welcome to the 16th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

Caring for and cheering up small patients

Dear Reader,

Our 16th issue of the India Newsletter is dedicated to the little people in our lives. Our pediatric products may not generate big sales, but are certain to create big smiles.

We all know how active children are and how difficult it may be to keep them still in times of recovery. Plaster casts are not only cumbersome but also difficult to tolerate.

This is why a simple, but effective orthopedic shoe can make all the difference in the world to your young patient. Whether it's post-surgical or a plaster cast, DARCO has the right shoe for your every patient.


DARCO is a trusted partner for developing orthopedic shoes for foot and ankle injuries and integrates more than 30 years of experience into every shoe we make. We know how biomechanical effects can influence the entire healing process and just how important this phase is to ensure long-term success.

From the small active child to the fully grown - DARCO offers quality, reliable products that are adaptable to the needs of all patients. Please click on the PDF-file on the top right to open the current India Newsletter and you'll learn how we can help with that one particular patient, who may actually be the most demanding.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products


The story of DARCO's link to Podiatry

H. Darrel Darby, DPM, founded DARCO International in 1985. Over 30 years ago, Dr. Darby was a practicing Podiatrist searching for a better solution to help his patients. At the time, the "woodensole" healing shoe dominated the market, and the "Darby" shoe revolutionized the industry. It was Dr. Darby's belief that by incorporating the benefits of a running style of shoe with the technology of a post op shoe, he could dramatically improve the quality of care for his patients. Hence, the DARCO MedSurg Shoe was born.

Today, DARCO International provides funding to the Podiatric Medical Education Association for scholarships. Podiatry or podiatric medicine is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity.

Very often the work includes actual surgical procedures and it's quite common for Podiatrists to hold the professional title of "Doctor". The term Podiatry came into use in the early 20th century in the United States and now is used worldwide, including the UK, India, Australia and many countries throughout Europe.

In India, Podiatry has remained mainly "non-surgical". Due to the growing emphasis on treating the diabetic foot, the need for skilled individuals is on the rise. Practitioners are pushed to re-invent their role as allied health professionals in foot care. Professionals stepping up their game as the needs of the people dictate.

Orthopaedic devices and shoes

March 2017

Welcome to the 15th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

New catalogue, new flyers, new products

Dear Reader,

This spring season begins with Holi and for DARCO, a new catalogue! DARCO India is pleased to inform you that we have enlarged our portfolio to serve you even better.

In the new catalogue you will be introduced to some new products and you will also find an updated indication chart, which makes it easier for you to match the indication to the appropriate products.

We invite you to download our new Product Catalogue here: "Orthopaedic Devices, Foot & Ankle Products" (PDF, 6 mb)


We offer products focusing on postoperative treatment, Trauma therapy, Off-loading solutions as well as Wound Care, Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Supports and of course, a Pediatric line of products. All are listed in a self-explanatory overview to assist you in finding the best therapy solution. And for a deeper understanding, more information can be located on the individual product page in the catalogue or on our websites.

We've also updated our product flyers. It's of the greatest importance to us, here at DARCO India, for you to make knowledge based decisions and for you to understand the correct usage and the proper application for each of our products. This alone can ensure your desired results. We encourage you to contact us for any reason and we're pleased to send any of the new flyers that interest you. As a starter, we'd like to introduce you to the WCS™ Closed Toe Wound Care Shoe System. You'll learn more about this new addition as you read on to the following page.

Visit our new product page:
WCS™ Closed Toe Wound Care Shoe System

Enjoy reading!

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

Happy Holi wishes DARCO IndiaHappy Holi!

May the festival of colors bring lots of
cheerful color into your life!

The DARCO India Pvt. Ltd. team would like to wish you and yours happiness and joy during this festive time.

And we hope the spirit of the holiday stays with you throughout the year!

Orthopaedic devices and shoes

December 2016

Welcome to the 14th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

This year's theme: "Save Limb, Save Life"

Dear Reader,

The 14th issue of the DARCO India newsletter coincides this year with the 14th annual DFSICON Congress. The Annual Conference of Diabetic Foot Society of India is the premiere gathering place for leaders in the scientific community. This will be DARCO's 3rd year contributing to the event. This year's conference will be held in Aurangabad and is hosted by the Aurangabad Diabetologists' Association on December 9 - 11 2016.

The main focus of our subsidiary in India is to promote the exchange of medical knowledge in treating the foot and ankle; with an emphasis on the Diabetic foot and its related complications which are the leading causes of lower limb amputation throughout the world. DARCO's mission is to develop off-loading footwear for the prevention and the healing management for those who are at risk or suffer from foot ulcerations.


The DFSICON is comprised of a Scientific Committee and many National & International experts, who are pioneers in multidisciplinary approaches to treat the Diabetic foot & wound-care management. Other support comes from the IWGDF; the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot; of which DARCO is a strong supporter. Among the delegates, is IWGDF's Chairwoman Kristine van Acker, of Belgium. We at DARCO are very grateful to DFSICON for hosting this extremely worthwhile event.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

DARCO India Pvt. Ltd.

We'll help you get your patient's foot into the right shoe

DARCO India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012 in Dharwad, Karnataka. We brought to the table an accumulation of over 30 years of experience to the new Indian headquarter.

The number of diabetic cases and related diseases are on the rise throughout the world. Patients and care-givers are expanding their knowledge on all levels and through multiple resources. DARCO is dedicated to be part of the solution. Our orthopaedic devices improve the lives of ordinary people through innovative off-loading shoe-wear and effective wound care shoes. It's our goal to empower individuals through education and knowledge.

Since our inception we have continued to grow to meet the needs of the people; to date, we have 16 different distribution channels throughout India.

Our headquarter in Dharwad is ready to service your needs.

Please call or send us an E-Mail to find out more of what we have to offer: info@darco.in

Orthopaedic devices and shoes

September 2016

Welcome to the 13th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

November - Events worth noting
and a DARCO India Special Offer

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 13th issue of the DARCO India Newsletter. This quarterly publication provides information to the medical community, professional institutions and distributors throughout India - all dedicated to the treatment of the foot.

World Diabetes Day is on November 14 and STOP Pressure Ulcer Day on November 17 both are world-wide events elevating awareness about Diabetes. For DARCO, it's a time to not only emphasize the importance of Diabetic Off-loading footwear but also a time to say "Thank you" to all the loyal DARCO E-News subscribers and to the many users of DARCO products.


To show our appreciation, we would like to extend an exclusive offer during the month of November. DARCO India will pick-up the cost on deliveries for those clients ordering shoes for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. When ordering GentleStep™, WCS™ or PegAssist™ Insoles during the month of November, you will get the product - free of delivery charges. This is a tremendous savings. To find out more about our products simply contact info@darco.in.

Thank you once again for your interest in the solutions and insights that DARCO India has to offer. We look forward to hearing from you and we sincerely hope to be of service.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

World Diabetes Day

Patient Education Videos: Prevention of Foot Ulcers and Amputation

With an estimated 50.8 million people living with diabetes; India has the largest diabetes population in the world.

The understanding of risk factors, foot maintenance and the need for regular foot examinations is essential for preventing foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. For people suffering from diabetes, education is a critical factor to empower them to take control of their condition and reduce the risk of ulcerations. With improved knowledge, skills and confidence, individuals integrate effective self-management strategies into their daily lives hence improving their quality of life. DARCO understands the importance of this and therefore is a proud sponsor of the International Consensus Diabetic Foot Guidelines which is developed by the IWGDF. In addition, DARCO India has published the IWGDF Educational Videos on our website!

Please follow this link: http://www.darco.in/education-videos.html

foot and ankle products
International Working Group
on the Diabetic Foot
The purpose of the diabetes symbol is
to give diabetes a common identity
foot and ankle products

June 2016

Welcome to the 12th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

Know causes, symptoms and
treatment of foot problems!

Dear readers,

DARCO is committed to providing the most current information to the medical community, institutions and distributors throughout India - all dedicated to the treatment of the foot.

Many types of footwear are available on the market for people with foot problems. Depending on the reimbursement system, a patient may have to pay for the therapeutic footwear prescribed. The investment required for an individual's therapy, is very often discussed directly with the doctor and the family. Consequently, the medical specialist's role extends into providing critical knowledge about the best possible solutions.


In addition to knowing about the causes, symptoms and treatment of foot problems, every specialist requires up-to-date knowledge about the available solutions. Therefore, the health care provider's partnership with a dependable supplier and reputable manufacturer of therapeutic shoes is essential for providing the highest quality of care to patients. DARCO is one of the leading suppliers of medical shoes in the world with 30 years of experience in the treatment of foot and ankle. The quarterly E-News can provide an overview to the most common foot deformities and appropriate footwear. The DARCO India E-Journal 1 - 12 is now available as a complete set.

Please contact info@darco.in to get your free copy.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

March 2016

Welcome to the 11th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 11th issue of the DARCO India Newsletter. This quarterly publication provides information to the medical community, institutions and distributors throughout India - all dedicated to the treatment of the foot.

We care about the cast
and so too, should you...

One might not consider the importance of wearing a cast shoe to protect your cast but as you read through our newsletter, you'll see exactly why this simple addition can make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of the cast therapy.


Whether the cast is made from plaster or from a synthetic material, it is critical to keep the cast dry and well protected. DARCO offers a range of Cast boots and Shoes that are effective not only for protection but also for supporting a correct gait cycle while providing comfort and stability needed on a daily basis. Complications associated with cast therapies include the negative effect from the height discrepancy which may cause abnormal forces while walking; potentially resulting in longterm structural issues, and the impact of shear forces which may cause stiffness of the joints resulting in a lack of movement contributing to muscle atrophy. Both of which undermine the benefits of the cast therapy.

DARCO's cast boots and shoes can mitigate such problems and promote mobility to support muscle retention. The cast boots and shoes are engineered to be used with all casting materials while our modern design will easily appeal to all patients.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

Designed for use in daily practice

In the treatment of forefoot disorders, i.e. Bunions & Hallux valgus, different kinds of osteotomies and arthrodesis are necessary; therefore different post-operative therapies are required.

Our postcard-size quick reference tool details the most frequently used surgical procedures and the corresponding DARCO products. This card is a handy aid to help determine the right post-op solution to secure and protect the desired surgical outcome.

If you are interested in receiving free DARCO indications cards please contact us!

DARCO Team Dharwad:
phone: +91 8362747446

foot and ankle products

December 2015

Welcome to the 10th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 10th issue of the DARCO India Newsletter. This quarterly publication provides information to the medical community, institutions and distributors throughout India - all dedicated to the treatment of the foot.

Benefits of the digital world:
Explore our website!

It's no secret that today's generation rely completely on the Internet for their product information. That's why we here at DARCO transform our digital presence continuously. From anywhere in the world, we're just a few clicks away for patients, as well as for our distributors.


For the marketers, creating more consumer friendly websites is an ever growing challenge. The digital access to product information is very important in India. We're dedicated to reach a broader range of customers and especially those individuals who are traditionally difficult to access with print material. Therefore in the future, DARCO will focus on a more mobile friendly version of our website.

DARCO will offer patients and customers easy access to valuable information as well as providing educational information on the Web. For example, we provide educational videos and an on-going E-Newsletter; both can be downloaded directly from the website. Under our E-News, we provide all previously published articles on expertise and more. Detailed product information is available for our distributor base via our distributor download centre. Explore what we have to offer.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

Come and visit us at the Arab Health in Dubai /
United Arab Emirates, 25 - 28 January 2016

The 2016 exhibition will showcase more than 4,000 companies exhibiting their latest innovations to more than 130,000 healthcare professionals attending from 163 countries. Arab Health is the biggest health fair of the Middle East and as a visitor you will benefit from meeting global industry leaders from around the world, showing their newest products and providing live demonstrations.

Arab Health serves as a meeting point, especially for our Arabic and Indian customers. Historically, the number of visitors from India and other neighbouring countries has been remarkable. This diversity has encouraged us to expand our booth this year as a central hub for DARCO International and DARCO India, represented by both CEO's; Darrel Darby and Professor Shashi Surpali respectively. "The Middle East market is one of the fastest growing markets in orthopaedic footwear and therefore a very important region for us," says Darrel Darby, President DARCO International. A common goal of all Middle Eastern countries is to significantly improve the medical health care of its populations; this is where DARCO wants to contribute.

Visit us in Dubai at Booth 4D70!


foot and ankle products

October 2015

DARCO India on the spot

The partnership between the Indian Association for Foot Surgery and DARCO is based on the commitment to strengthen the knowledge of foot surgery. For 30 years, DARCO is actively contributing to the exchange of knowledge between specialists. All with one common goal, to improve the timely healing of foot injuries with high quality products.

"Friday Academicals:
From idea to execution!"

The launch of the "Friday Academicals" was featured in the 2nd issue of IFAS newsletter.
Please click here and have a closer look at page 5:


Dr. Rajiv Shah, President, IFAS, 2014-2015 and Alexandra Panizza, International Marketing, DARCO (Europe) both appearing here at the presentation of the "Friday Academicals" at the Indian Foot & Ankle Conference 2015, Ludhiana.

foot and ankle products

Here appearing at the Indian Foot & Ankle Conference 2015 is Professor Prof. S. M. Tuli, Past President of Indian Orthopedic Association and Raphael Böhm, VP DARCO (Europe) at the awards ceremony in Ludhiana.

foot and ankle products

September 2015

Welcome to the 9th issue of DARCO India Newsletter

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 9th issue of the DARCO India Newsletter. This quarterly publication provides information to the medical community, institutions and distributors throughout India - all dedicated to the treatment of the foot.

Motion is Life

Devices and bandages from DARCO contribute to restoring and ensur- ing individual mobility after injury, surgery or as the result of disease. This quarter, we're taking a closer look into the wide range of solutions DARCO has to offer for the treatment of ankle injuries. Our Expertise section provides an insightful perspective on the treatment of ankle sprains.


Care is good - individual adjustment is better

DARCO offers an extensive range of ankle supports. The objective is to design a perfect anatomically fitting device to provide support and stability to the joints while offering relief to the musculoskeletal system so one can heal. Individual adjustment allows for optimal therapy results following traumas to the ankle, i.e. stretched or torn ligaments, capsule injuries, contusions and sprains. DARCO orthotics' are made with high-tech materials and are proven effective for the use in postoperative and rehabilitation treatments to healing the ankle. The diversity also offers ideal solutions for prophylactic strategies use in professional sports as well as the hobby sports enthusiast.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

World Wide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day
November 19, 2015

The worldwide "Stop Pressure Ulcer Day" was created by the Spanish National Group for the Study and Advice on Pressure Ulcers together with the Ibero-Latin-American Society on Wounds. These two organizations formed the Declaration of Rio with the objective to "speak out" against people developing pressure ulcers and to elevate awareness about prevention.

DARCO's involvement with the event is in line with our goal to develop partnerships and multifaceted programs to reduce foot ulcerations worldwide. Our campaign this year's is designed to support proactive prevention. Daily inspection, appropriate foot-wear and good foot care are all important parts in preventing pressure ulcers. For the event, we're offering an inspection mirror plus valuable information designed to help patients keep an eye on their feet.

Please help spread the word...

We encourage you to reach out to your local community and take part in the "STOP Pressure Ulcer Day" in whatever way you can. You can request your free "Stop Pressure Ulcer Day Kit" by Emailing: info@darco.in or by phone: +91 8362747446

You too, can join the movement ...

foot and ankle products

June 2015

Welcome to DARCO India Innovation E-News!

Dear readers,

We welcome you to our 8th issue of the DARCO India Newsletter. This quarterly publication provides information to the medical community, institutions and distributors throughout India - all dedicated to the treatment of the foot.

Proper Footwear & Patient Education

These two items alone may be the critical deciding factor between successful recovery or amputation after a surgical procedure.

Footwear prescription is often done in 3 stages. Immediate postoperative period with off-loading shoes, footwear with modifications and/or special insoles when the wound has healed and finally permanent footwear with molded insoles and special specifications to avoid recurrence of injuries.


An important part of the treatment is patient education. Proper footwear and correct usage is important not only outdoors but also indoors to avoid complications or infection. Postoperative mobilization should be gradual and patients should be taught how to walk correctly with special orthopaedic shoes to off-load excessive pressure and to avoid tumbling.

"The aim of patient education is to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence, enabling them to take increasing control of their own condition and integrate effective self-management into their daily lives" - Dept. of Health, June 2005.

In order to help patients understand the proper usage of our products and to strengthen the knowledge for proper footwear, we provide product videos and educational videos.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

IFAS "Friday Academicals"

"A great booklet that every orthopaedic surgeon should have"

The Indian Foot And Ankle Society has created the "Friday Academicals", a booklet and we, DARCO, are proud to support the effort by sponsoring the launch of the book at the 28th IFASCON in Ludhiana - August 2015.

IFASCON-2015 is one of the premiere foot & ankle events in the country. This year´s theme focuses on Foot & Ankle issues faced by general orthopedic surgeons in "day to day" practice. With the issue effecting a growing number of the population, the need for scientific and evidence based care is paramount. Foot & Ankle is now an established specialty in Orthopedics. In this year's event, the discussions and lectures by eminent international and national professionals is intended to enrich practioners from all areas of care across the board.

Do let us know if you are planning to at- tend the event in August 2015. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you!

foot and ankle products

March 2015

Welcome to DARCO India Innovation E-News!

Dear readers,

Welcome to the 7th issue of the DARCO India Newsletter, a quarterly publication which provides information to the medical community, institutions and distributors in India working in the field of the treatment of the foot.

DARCO Orthopaedic Devices in Trauma Care

Achilles Tendon Rupture, Broken Leg, Injured Ankle ...

Almost 25 % of our bones are located in the feet. This is the reason ruptures, sprains and fractures are the most common injuries. For perfect treatment, it is recommended to ensure the utmost care with regard to biomechanical conditions. In addition to healing the wound, the patient is supported to regain his mobility as soon as possible.


DARCO has thus launched a special product line meeting the needs of every single patient in an individual and perfect way.

We welcome the opportunity to explain the features and benefits of our different splints and
orthotics with regard to their application and handling. In this issue you will learn more about our AirTraveler™ Stirrup Walker and it's use for ruptures and ankle injuries.

DARCO - Your partner for professional foot care!

foot and ankle products

"The Vulnerable Spot"

The Achilles Heel
and Thighs of Duryodhana

Achilles heel is a well-known synonym from Greek mythology symbolizing an area of weakness. In Greek mythology a story is told of Achilles. When he was a small child his mother Thetis dipped him in the river Styx. The water was believed to be magical offering power of invulnerability. But as the mother was holding her son by his heel, this area remained vulnerable. Achilles grew up and survived many battles, but finally a poisonous arrow wounded his heel and he died.

Indian mythology tells us of a similar story. The mother of Duryodhana, Queen Gand- hari, wanted to help her son be a winner. She asked him to appear naked before her. With the great power of her eyes she could make the exposed body invincible. But Shiri Krishna convinced Durodhana to wear a loin cloth, as it wouldn't be good for a son to appear naked before his mother. Because Duryodhana had covered his groin, his thighs where not protected by the mystic power of Gandahari's gaze. This area of weakness was the cause of his untimely death by Bheem / Bhima.

Isn't it amazing how the two mythologies, eastern and western, resemble one another?