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As CEO of DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd., I would like to welcome you personally on our new websites. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to helping you.


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A new and promising gate

"With all the treatment options being considered, research has shown and validated extensively that effective off-loading is the single most important parameter to incorporate for proper and timely healing of plantar foot ulcers/wounds."

Kevin Brown, DPM Huntington, WV, USA

26 years after the foundation of August 15, 2012 DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd. opened its doors and with this accomplishment DARCO International Inc. opened a new and promising beginning to treat the people of India with postoperative, trauma and diabetic care for the foot and ankle.

DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd

DARCO is now able to offer local assistance with combined advantages of an international exchange between the DARCO headquarters in the US, Europe and China, assuring consistent quality standards worldwide.

Our focus in the Indian subsidiary is the exchange of medical knowledge regarding the treatment of the foot and ankle, and especially in the area of diabetes. This gives way for building a solid foundation for a the continuous exchange of medical expertise in treatment therapies and only then, can the market place be developed for the people of India so they too can benefit from appropriate footwear to meet their needs.

With the accumulated 30 years of experience, DARCO can establish a prospering Indian subsidiary but not without the help from the Indian medical professionals and the local community. The challenge is well known, there is ever more a growing concern about the magnitude of diabetes in the country. As the advancement in surgical procedures continues to reach better solutions; DARCO is there supporting the medical community. With our wide knowledge base of surgical breakthroughs and our innovative products, DARCO wants to be a contributor to the solution. We pursue excellence in this challenging undertaking and are proud of the steps we've made. The first five years are now behind us and we look forward to the tasks that lie ahead

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Orthopaedic devices and shoes

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The intention of our internet appearance is to offer you an accurate picture of the scope, character and quality of our product range: DARCO offers a full product line of footwear specifically designed to control plantar pressure after surgery or in cases where wounds or diabetic ulcers are present on the foot.

DARCO products are available in the following product groups: Postoperative Care, Trauma Care, Diabetes | Off-loading & Wound Care, Plantar Fasciitis Products, Ankle Supports, Pediatric Care and Diagnostic Products. For further information e.g. catalogues, flyers or instructions for use please visit our rubric "Downloads".

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