5th anniversary of DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd.
DARCO Anniversary
footcare products, orthopedic devices and shoes. Preventive, Postoperative, Diabetes, Off-loading, Wound Care

Product Catalogue: Preventive, Postoperative, Diabetes, Off-loading, Wound Care

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Orthopaedic shoes, Footcare products, India - DARCO 30th anniversary Preventive, Postoperative, Diabetes, Off-loading, Wound Care. DARCO is facing India

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"Every 15 seconds somewhere in the world
a foot and ankle specialist prescribes a DARCO product."

Darrel Darby, global CEO DARCO International

DARCO Worldwide: USA, Europe, United Kingdom, China, India USA United Kingdom Europe India China



DARCO International, Inc
810 Memorial Boulevard
Huntington, WV 25701
United States of America

Web: http://www.darcointernational.com



DARCO (Europe) GmbH
Gewerbegebiet 18
82399 Raisting

Web (German): https://www.darco.de
Web (English): https://www.darco-europe.com


United Kingdom:

V-M Orthotics Ltd.
Member of hg DARCO Group

Unit 25
Halesworth Business Centre
Norwich Road
Suffolk IP19 8QJ
United Kingdom

Web: https://www.vmorthotics.co.uk



DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd.
# 32A1B1/A1, First Floor
Vaibhav Complex
Opp to District Court, P. B. Road
Dharwad 580 008, Karnataka

Web: https://www.darco.in



DARCO International Trading Shanghai Ltd.
Mr. Honggang Liu, NO128
200020 Shanghai

Orthopaedic devices and shoes

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The intention of our internet appearance is to offer you an accurate picture of the scope, character and quality of our product range: DARCO offers a full product line of footwear specifically designed to control plantar pressure after surgery or in cases where wounds or diabetic ulcers are present on the foot.

DARCO products are available in the following product groups: Postoperative Care, Trauma Care, Diabetes | Off-loading & Wound Care, Plantar Fasciitis Products, Ankle Supports, Pediatric Care and Diagnostic Products. For further information e.g. catalogues, flyers or instructions for use please visit our rubric "Downloads".

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