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"Friday Academicals"

By: Indian Foot And Ankle Society (IFAS)

"Simplistic but algorithmic guidelines by experts based on their experiences and innovations are the need of the day."

Dr. Rajiv Shah
President, IFAS
2014 - 2015

Indian Foot And
Ankle Society

The Indian Foot And Ankle Society is a community of networked orthopaedic surgeons across India, who think alike. It is a platform for sharing and interaction on lots of difficult and unusual cases. It gives every Orthopaedic Surgeon in India, no matter the level of expertise or experience, the chance to display his skills and ideas, and to get help and support from other members on issues common to all.

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"Friday Academicals"
by Indian Foot And Ankle Society (IFAS)

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foot and ankle products

Table of contents


1.   History & physical examination - Dr. Ashish Shah
2.   Biomechanics - Dr. Selene Parekh
3.   Radiological anatomy - Dr. Rajiv Shah
4.   Blocks & anesthesia - Dr. Vinod Panchbhavi
5.   MRI/CT & USG in foot & ankle - Dr. Bipin Shah
6.   Orthotics - Dr. Nagesh Naik
7.   Pilon fractures - Dr. N. K. Aggarwal
8.   Ankle fractures - Dr. Sampat Dumbre Patil
9.   Syndesmotic injuries - Dr. Amrish Bidaye
10. Calcaneus fractures - Dr. Mandeep Dhillon
11. Talus fractures - Dr. S. R. Sundararajan
12. Lisfranc injuries - Dr. Malhar Dave
13. Midfoot injuries - Dr. Tushar Shah
14. 5th metatarsal fractures - Dr. Vikash Agashe
15. Acute & chronic Ankle sprain - Dr. Nikesh Shah
16. Heel pain & Plantar fasciitis - Dr. Senthilkumar
17. Tendoachilles tendinopathy - non insertion & Insertional Achilles tendinopathy - Kartik Hariharan
18. Peroneal tendon problems - Dr. Shamal das de
19. Acute achilles ruptures - Dr. Rajesh Simon
20. Chronic achilles ruptures - Dr. Sampat Dumbre Patil
21. Acquired flat foot - Dr. Rajiv Limye
22. Adolescent flat foot & accessory navicular - Dr. Maninder Shah Singh
23. Morton's Neuroma, TTS - Dr. Anis Kadakia
24. Hallux valgus - Jitendra Mangwani
25. Hallux rigidus - Dr. S. M. Ajoy
26. Ankle arthroscopy - Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala
27. Endoscopy in foot and ankle - Dr. Manav Basu
28. Ankle malunion - Dr. G. S. Kulkarni
29. Calcaneal malunion - Dr. Rajiv Shah
30. Talar malunion & Talar AVN - Dr. Ashish Shah
31. OCD talus - Dr. Abhishek Kini
32. Stress fractures in foot & ankle - Dr. Amit Bhargava
33. Lesser toe deformities - Dr. Pradeep Monoot
34. Ankle arthritis - Dr. Selene Parekh
35. Subtalar & midfoot arthritis - Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar
36. Rheumatoid foot - Rakesh Dalal
37. Diabetic foot - Dr. Arun Bal
38. Charcot foot - Dr. Vinod Panchbhavi
39. Pes cavus - Dr. Kamal Dureja
40. Open fractures of foot & ankle - Dr. Rajeev Vohra
41. Soft tissue coverage in foot & ankle - Dr. Ravi Mahajan
42. CTEV - management algorithm - Dr. S S Jha
43. CTEV - step by step with Ponseti - Dr. R A Agrawal
44. Neglected CTEV correction by JESS - Dr. Ram Prabhoo
45. Tendon transfers in paralytic foot & ankle - Dr. Sureshwar Pandey
46. Congenital vertical talus - Dr. Sureshwar Pandey
47. Spastic foot - algorithm of diagnosis & management - Dr. A N Verma, Dr. Jitendra Jain
48. Compartment syndrome of foot & ankle - Dr. R Bhalla
49. Metatarsalgia: symptom & not the diagnosis - Dr. Balvinder Rana
50. Pediatric ankle fractures - Dr. Anil Pandey
51. MIS in foot & ankle - Dr. T V Raja
52. Foot and ankle physiotherapy - Dr. Lindsey C. Hack

foot and ankle products