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Product Catalogue: Preventive, Postoperative, Off-loading, Wound Care

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All Purpose Boot

After surgery and for stabilizing

Shoe after surgery and for stabilizing

after surgery and for stabilizing

can also serve as a cast boot for particular applications

impact-absorbing effect and pressure redistribution

5 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

right and left fit

Pressure measurement APB™ All Purpose Boot
F-Scan APB All Purpose Boot F-Scan APB All Purpose Boot
Neutral APB™
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APB All Purpose Boot. Shock absorbing effect with postoperative immobilising bandages

In the APB™ All Purpose Boot the same sole technology is used as in the proven MedSurg™ post surgical shoe, so that its use as a plaster shoe or walking sole in rigid bandages is certainly possible. The new closure technique allows for simple and two-sided application.

The shoe is completely closed and water-repellent and keeps dressings and toes warm and dry.

Further Information:

Download: User Manual APB™ All Purpose Boot (PDF)
Download: DARCO Product Catalogue "Orthopaedic Devices, Foot and Ankle Products" (PDF)
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Compatible with:

PegAssist™ Insole Off-loading Insoles
for selective off-loading

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The intention of our internet appearance is to offer you an accurate picture of the scope, character and quality of our product range: DARCO offers a full product line of footwear specifically designed to control plantar pressure after surgery or in cases where wounds or diabetic ulcers are present on the foot.

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